Protecting Kentuckians Since 1984.

the Kentucky Health Departments Association (KHDA)

The Kentucky Health Departments Association (KHDA) was formed in 1984 through the merger of the Kentucky District Health Departments Association and the Kentucky County Health Departments Association. KHDA is a collaborative effort of local health department leaders to share resources and work together to improve the public health of Kentucky. Using KHDA’s vision, local health departments will translate ideas into action that will ensure the collective well being of all Kentuckians.

The Association was incorporated under Kentucky law in 1987 and was formed for the following five purposes:

  1. To promote better health services.
  2. To obtain and exchange information.
  3. To investigate problem areas common to health department administration and suggest solutions.
  4. To promote continuing education for health department directors and employees.
  5. To establish a framework for more effective communication among health departments, state agencies, local agencies and other interested parties.

All local health departments in the Commonwealth of Kentucky are members of the association and are officially represented by the department’s Public Health Director or their designee. Dues paying members are considered “members in good standing” and, as such, are entitled to vote and hold office in the association.


The Association holds monthly meetings for discussion of pertinent issues relating to the operations of local health departments.


Additionally, the Association develops, adopts and disseminates information, policy statements, and resolutions on matters of importance to public health in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It provides educational materials to its members for their use in educating board members and other policy makers on public health matters.


"To protect and ensure the health of our citizens through quality individual and population-based services."


Local health departments will achieve their Mission through community leadership in the core functions of:

  • Community Health Assessment
  • Public Health Policy Development
  • Assurance of Quality Service

Core Values

We believe that these Core Values will enable local health departments in the Commonwealth to ensure the highest standards for public health.

  • Demonstrate respect for individuals and families in all we do.
  • Display concern and compassion for all we serve.
  • Respect individuals by providing quality health care to all.
  • Speak with honesty and display consistency in stating our public health message.
  • Display courage by always taking a stand that will protect the health of the public.
  • Resist pressure that will diminish our public health mission.
  • Work to provide excellence in all we do for those we serve.
  • Our efforts will be directed to making primary prevention the central focus in all we do.
  • Strive for excellence by being efficient, dependable, and accountable in all services we provide.

Making an impact

The Kentucky Public Health AmeriCorps program was the recipient of the 2024 Kentucky Public Health Association Industry Award.



The KPHA Industry Award is to honor and recognize an exceptional and meritorious achievement in Kentucky’s public health by a business or organization. Following their guidelines, the award winner must offer a well-recognized contribution to the improvement of public health or innovative/creative approach to addressing Public Health needs within Kentucky by a business, industry or organizations. The award is selected by nomination and election from the Board of Directors at KYPH.